Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Charles Strachan appreciate how daunting the thought of your own death during your lifetime can be as well as the thought of leaving close and loved ones behind. This can be made less daunting by planning how you want your loved one’s to benefit from your possessions. You would also have the piece of mind of knowing that your loved one’s will have no doubt as to what your wishes are.

By making a will, you are in control of how your estate is to be distributed upon death as opposed to your estate being divided in accordance with Intestacy Rules. The rules apply when one does not make a will. Your loved ones will have no control over the division should Intestacy Rules apply and the division may not reflect your wishes. For this reason, we encourage the making of a will.

Should you have an existing will, there are occasions when you may want to make changes to it. Whether you have purchased a new home or separated from a spouse or partner, these are milestone events that may require amendments to be considered.

Our Wills & Probate team take the time to go through your personal circumstances and provide tailored advice to ensure that your needs are met. In addition to the making of, or amending a will, our team can advise upon succession planning, tax planning, power of attorney, administration of trusts and estates, as well as Probate matters.

Our dedicated team will advise you on other applicable linked matters, including severance of joint tenancies, letters of wishes, and protection of your assets. Charles Strachan specialise in power of attorney (including, property, financial affairs and health and welfare), obtaining grant of Probate as well as the administration of your estate.
Our experienced team offer a professional yet sensitive approach, whatever your circumstances are and offer highly competitive rates.

Charles Strachan is here to assist you in planning for your future.


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