Resolution Membership

Sanjay Solanki Joins Resolution

Resolution Membership

Sanjay Solanki (solicitor)

Family, Matrimonial and Children’s Solicitor, Sanjay Solanki has joined Resolution.

Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers, and other family justice professionals, who follow a code of conduct which promotes a non-confrontational and constructive approach to resolving family issues. This supports clients during a stressful time and also helps to keep costs down.

Sanjay is passionate about achieving the best outcomes for his clients and will consider ways to resolve disputes in a cost considerate manner without the need for contested court proceedings.

Sanjay’s priority is to help clients understand their position, offering clear, realistic and constructive advice. From the outset, Sanjay will ensure his clients understand what the procedures entail and will use his knowledge and experience to help his clients feel at ease and supported throughout.

Sanjay discusses all available options with his clients and takes the time to listen to each client’s individual needs. Throughout the process, Sanjay will keep clients well-informed and is proactive in working towards a resolution by adopting a fair and approach.

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