Legal Aid & Fees

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Legal Aid & Fees

Charles Strachan have a legal aid franchise for both criminal law and family law. There are certain aspects of law for which legal aid is no longer available following government reform.

There are also some areas of law for which legal aid is not automatically available and is subject to an eligibility test, based on means (income and capital) and merits (specific to your case).

Below is an indication as to what legal aid is available for and what information we require to process your application for legal aid.

Family Proceedings


  • Care and Supervision Proceedings
  • Injunctions, Non Molestation and Occupation Proceedings, Forced Marriage Protection Orders
  • Child Abduction, Wardship, Securing the Return of an Abducted Child, Inherent Jurisdiction Orders

Not Automatic

  • Children related proceedings, including child arrangements, prohibited steps and specific issue applications.
  • Divorce and financial remedy, ancillary relief proceedings

Generally there is no legal aid available for these areas of family law, with the exception of one of the below points applying to you:

  1. You are a victim of domestic violence and/or abuse or
  2. In children cases, where your child has been the victim of abuse or is at risk of abuse

In order to process your application, specific evidence must be produced to support points 1 & 2.

Please contact us on 0121 704 3311 so we can discuss your eligibility. It is usual that for some areas of law, we will request evidence of your means in the form of bank statements.

Criminal Proceedings

There are certain offences for which legal aid can be available automatically. There are some offences and scenarios where the means and merits test will apply. If you do not qualify for legal aid, or it is not available, our criminal team offer highly competitive fixed fee options and competitive charging rates, including crown court matters.

If you have a family or criminal issue but are unsure as to whether you can apply for legal aid, then contact us on 0121 704 3311. We have a designated team who will talk you through the process and assess your eligibility.

Private Fees

Charles Strachan offer competitive privately charging rates. In some circumstances, fixed fee payments can be agreed. Charles Strachan Solicitors offer a reduced fixed fee initial appointment at which all costs and payment options can be provided, as well as legal advice in relation to your matter.

Please get in touch on 0121 704 3311 to discuss further.