Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Charles Strachan Solicitors believe that anyone accused of committing a criminal offence deserves quality legal advice and assistance from a specialised Criminal Defence lawyer. For those who are eligible, legal advice and assistance should be free of charge.

Charles Strachan recognise it is a daunting experience when facing any type of criminal charge. We have a range of experienced lawyers in our Criminal Defence Department covering all aspects of advice, assistance and legal representation. Whether it be representation at a police station or at a Crown Court trial, we have dedicated experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience who can assist you.

Our team is headed by Managing Director Adrian Bryant, who is a specialist criminal defence lawyer in relation to serious crime. He is supported by a team across all three offices, comprising of police station accredited representatives, as well as experienced lawyers who have Higher Rights of Audience in the Crown Court and are accredited members of The Law Society Criminal Litigation Panel.

Police Station Advice

Interview Under Caution at the Police Station
We often have clients who come to us after being interviewed by the Police, having not been represented at the Police Station primarily because not all clients believe they need assistance. You should always have a Solicitor or a Police Station Representative representing you at your Interview. False confessions can be made under pressure and is often too late to rectify once the matter is at Court so do ask for representation.

Charles Strachan Solicitors have represented clients often charged with very serious and complex offences but also represent clients for Road Traffic Offences as well as investigations by Trading Standards, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Health and Safety Executive.
Representation at the Police Station is always free of charge regardless of your income position.

Pre-Charge Representation
You may have been unrepresented at the Police Station and you have either been released under investigation [RUI] or released on Police bail. We encourage you to get in touch; you may have evidence that could influence the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute you. You will need specialist legal advice and support to help achieve the desired result

Voluntary Police Interviews
You may have been asked to attend a police station for a voluntary interview under caution and may think that due to the interview being voluntary you do not require representation. Again we encourage you to get in touch as you may have evidence that could influence the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute you.

Charles Strachan Solicitors have a high success rate of making effective representations to the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service where they have decided not to charge our clients. We have experience in representing professional individuals such as teachers, doctors, and lawyers, and have helped prevent any disciplinary proceedings taking place.

We also offer the service where you have been released with Police bail conditions which are greatly interfering with your personal or business life, especially if your passport has been seized and you are prevented from foreign travel. Charles Strachan Solicitors can apply to the Magistrates’ Court to either vary or remove bail conditions as well as represent you in the proceedings.

Representation at the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

Charles Strachan Solicitors have a formidable team of Criminal Defence lawyers who have represented clients from minor to very serious and complex criminal offences across England and Wales.

Our Crown Court Department uses the best barristers in the Midlands and London, all of whom are carefully chosen according to each client, their case and the barrister’s experience/expertise. Our robust approach to challenging the evidence and advancing your defence in the strongest way possible has provided excellent results which can be demonstrated by our client testimonials which can be viewed on Google and Review Solicitors.  Below are some examples.

“I’ve been with some of the Solicitors at this firm since they started at other companies and then created their own over 25 yrs now and I must say all the staff are 5 star including Mr Dharm Singh”

“My concerns and worries were handled with great care and advice was given accordingly to achieve the best outcome considering all aspects of things. Anything regarding my case was explained thoroughly throughout my proceedings which lead to a positive outcome of my case. I am very pleased with the service provided and would definitely recommend my Solicitor…”

“The service provided by Charles Strachan’s was professional, informative and very helpful with good communication. I would have no problems recommending their services or using them in the future. The reassurance provided to what was an unexpected and potentially stressful situation was excellent!”

Regulatory Law

Charles Strachan Solicitors provides regulatory services to individuals and businesses.
This can be anything from advice to identify risks, help prevent problems, ensure compliance and/or effectively manage them to fully defending clients when they face prosecution or disciplinary proceedings.

Charles Strachan Solicitors specialise in:
• Business and financial crime
• Environmental
• Health and Safety
• Trading Standards Investigations
• Disciplinary Proceedings

Charles Strachan Solicitors can represent you at an Interview under Caution or at the Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court.

Criminal Offences

No matter how minor or complex the offence is, we are here to help you. Some examples include Assault, Drug offences, Fraud, Money Laundering, Manslaughter, Murder, People Trafficking, Robbery, Shoplifting, Road Traffic Offences, Sexual Abuse Offences and Terrorism. Our team are also able to conduct very high cost cases in relation to serious crime. Whatever it may be, our team is ready to assist. Please see our List of Offences.

Motoring Law And Road Traffic Offences

Charles Strachan Solicitors are proud to have specialist Motoring Law lawyers who can provide you with legal advice and representation in relation to all road traffic and motoring offences.

We provide representation at the Police Station and Courts across England and Wales. Our local Courts areas are Birmingham, Coventry, Redditch, Worcester and Kidderminster.

With meticulous preparation and specialised knowledge, our lawyers can identify technical defences which general criminal lawyers may miss. We understand how important having a driving licence is and the risk of being disqualified from driving can have a significant impact on employment and family life.

Charles Strachan Solicitors deal with all types of offences, including:

• Driving with excess alcohol
• Drug-driving offence/Driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs
• Careless driving/Causing death by Careless Driving
• Dangerous driving/Causing Death by Dangerous Driving
• Driving without insurance
• Failing to stop and report an accident
• Driving whilst disqualified
• Mobile phone offences
• Exceptional Hardship cases
• Totting up disqualification (12 points or more on your licence)
• Reinstatement of your licence after it has been revoked by the DVLA
• Special Reasons [spiked drinks for example]
• Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) or a Court Summons

If you do receive a NIP, contact us to check whether it has been served in time; please see our article on our website which advises on the importance of time limits when defending a motoring offence.
Motoring Offences Defence – Time Limits

Legal Aid & Private Fees

Charles Strachan offer legal aid in relation to criminal cases, subject to eligibility. Get in touch to see if you qualify for legal aid.

Private Fees* and Fixed Costs can include:

  • Initial Motoring Law/Road Traffic Consultation at the office or via Zoom/telephone for 45 mins: £180 plus VAT
  • Attendance at first Hearing to deal with plea, venue, case management for Trial, sending to Crown Court and sentence on guilty plea concluded that day – £600 plus VAT
  • Standard Special Reasons argument or Exceptional Hardship argument – £1200 plus VAT
  • Magistrates’ Court Trial on summary only matter – £1500 plus VAT
  • Magistrates’ Court Trial on either way matter – £1800 plus VAT
  • Additional Hearings – £300 plus VAT
  • Non-standard Special Reasons, Exceptional Hardship arguments and Trials charged between £180 to £220 per hour depending on seniority of the Solicitor with conduct of the case
  • Crown Court Sentence or Appeal against Sentence from Magistrates’ Court – £500 plus VAT
  • Crown Court Trial based on hourly rate for preparation, Counsels fee to be determined separately

If you cannot see your offence stated above or representation scenario, please contact us so we can discuss further. All other fees are to be agreed and timescales will depend on each individual matter.

*All legal fees exclude additional expenses such as expert reports, site visits, photocopying.

*For those matters which fall outside of local courts, mileage will be charged at 45p per mile plus parking plus VAT. For matters at any other court within the West Midlands, an additional charge to cover travel of £100 per hearing.

Please contact us on 0121 704 3311 or should you require further information.

Emergency And Out Of Hours

Our telephone number is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us on 0121 704 3311.