Criminal Offence: Possession of Offensive Weapon

Crown Prosecution Service Discontinue Case

Criminal Offence – Possession of Offensive Weapon – Case Discontinued by CPS

Serena Joshi of our Criminal Department recently represented a Defendant who had been charged with possession of an offensive weapon and possession of a bladed article.  Successful representations were made to the Crown Prosecution Service to discontinue the proceedings regarding both offences due to insufficient evidence.

The Defendant had been driving his friend home from a night out when he was stopped by the police.  He had a baseball bat and a lock knife in his car.  The Defendant informed the police in his interview that he had a legitimate reason for being in possession of each item; he had recently completed a course in sports coaching and often played baseball and the knife was for his work in a warehouse where his employers did not supply him with the appropriate equipment to complete his tasks therefore had to take his own into work. 

The Defendant was charged and appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court where he entered his not-guilty pleas.  He chose to have his Trial at Worcester Crown Court.

The Defendant was a young man who despite being able to secure employment, had significant difficulties with his mental health as well as learning difficulties.  It was clear from the evidence he provided that he had legitimate reasons for being in possession of both items.  With this evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service were persuaded to discontinue the case before it reached the Trial; a very successful outcome.

Serena’s comments on this case: This was an excellent result.  The Defendant and his family were very relieved and appreciative of the hard work that went into defending this case.

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Serena Joshi, solicitor